28) Tavern In The Square

I know it’s been a while since my last Pulitzer prize-worthy post. That’s because I, along with approximately 75% of the senior class, have been spending way too much time at this establishment recently. Seriously, starting about a month ago, no one seems to have any desire to go ANYWHERE else.

The owners of this watering hole (the same ones as Joshua Tree and Cityside btw) had a stroke of genius in coming up with this name, seeing as everyone only calls it by the acronym. Talk about word of mouth marketing.

But to be real, the only real reason to go to TITS is for the fishbowls. If you don’t park yourself at a table with one of those bad boys and a couple of friends, you otherwise wander around making way too much small talk with people you met like the first week of freshman year and have zero desire to talk to, and try to avoid making awkward eye contact with people with whom you’re friends on Facebook but have acknowledged like twice in real life.

Real talk: if you’re dancing on the most miniature and makeshift of dance floors at TITS, it is time for you to go home.

It just seems like everyone is getting lazy and no longer wants to stray too far from home. Can’t be helped though, seeing as winter has gone on for approximately FOREVER.


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