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24) Snow

At the first sign of flakes it’s as if rabies overtakes about half of the BU student population and their pupils shift into snowflake shapes, going crazy for the white powdery stuff (Not what I meant, though some people like … Continue reading

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23) Being Really Bad at Geography

Considering that 70% of BU students come from New York City Westchester, Long Island, New Jersey and Connecticut, and therefore consider themselves better and worldlier than everyone else, BU students are astonishingly horrendous with geography. It’s like anything west of … Continue reading

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By popular demand… Created by the incredibly original (I really can’t be commenting on originality though) ENG sophomore Justin Doody, rateBU has become a campuswide phenomenon since its launch last Friday the 3rd, garnering some serious media attention. (PS, aren’t … Continue reading

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Peace Offering

Seems like I hit a nerve with this COM post. Full disclosure: I almost transferred into COM once. I’m not trying to crush anyones hope and dreams. If you love television, that’s awesome! I’m just stating my observations that COM … Continue reading

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21) Being in COM and Pretending That You Have Work to Do

Let’s be honest – we all have that one friend who is in COM, has class for like 6 hours a week, and complains that it’s SOOOOO HARDDDDDD. FYI – if you don’t have one of those friends, you ARE … Continue reading

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13.75) Justin Bieber

So ever since I did post 13.5, there has been a giant surge in people who found this stunning site of grade-A, hard-hitting journalism blog via search engine using any combination of the the terms “Justin” “Bieber” “gay”. Personally my … Continue reading

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