20) North Face and Uggs

Once the temperature drops below 30 degrees for good in Boston, 99% of females whip out this classic combination (full disclosure – I am not one of them. DON’T JUDGE ME BECAUSE I CAN ONLY AFFORD NEWSPAPERS FOR SHOES). You rarely see a girl wearing a North Face Denali () without a pair of Classic Tall Uggs. It’s just too arctic in Boston to go without proper winter gear.

Seriously, I think that the indifference curves for these two items are at right angles (fyi – perfect complements). And the marginal rate of substitution is 2 Uggs to 1 North Face. Econ jokes – lolz.

Males, talk shit about Uggs all you want, but you have to admit – the NF&U combo is usually supplemented by a nice pair of tight leggings, and who doesn’t like that? Unless she’s been featured on an episode of the Half Ton Man on TLC (TLC allegedly stands for The Learning Channel…I think watching it actually kills brain cells). Besides, I’ve seen a few of your kind rocking them too…

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