18) likealittle.com

If you haven’t heard of it, DO IT NOW.


It’s hysterical. And basically reinforces my hypothesis that no one gets laid at BU (it’s what I’m doing my work for distinction on, I’m probably going to get my diploma witheld for this). Like srsly (srsly), if you think someone is cute – GO TALK TO THEM. Sure it might be a little embarrassing if that guy she’s talking to is not just a friend but like, her husband, but hey, you’re just going to be a Born Again Virgin unless you try. Or there’s always roofies – personally I like a guy good and unconscious. No superfluous talking that way.

And on the other side, hey, maybe she’s been noticing you too. (Noticing me, noticing you…THAT GIRL IS SO DANGEROUS)(please click on that link – it’s funny, in a sick way, I swear. Besides, you’re probably procrastinating right now so why not? I just think it kicks the level of depravity and inappropriateness of this site up a notch).

But no fer realz, the site is hysterical. Who knew there were so many “smoking hot” people at BU? (Sidenote, I’m pretty sure there aren’t, but the people posting on the site probably had trouble crying for their mothers when they needed feeding as babiez, and sure as hell now are still too shy to approach someone other than posting anonymously online. I know, I know, I’m a hypocrite for keeping this thing anonymous but WHATEVZ. Isn’t it just so much more mysterious this way?).

It’s mostly freshmen on the site currently, but I feel that if more upperclassmen get involved, things could get interesting. By interesting I mean either supreme awkwardness or death.

I hope someday in the future there are some stats or something on the success rate of people who actually meet/hook up/have babiez via this thing. I ❤ stats almost as much as I ❤ mocking people.

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